Best Hiking Tips For Hikers: Hiking For Beginners

If you’re planning a hike or are wondering how to plan for a hike this blog is for you. We will discuss some important hiking tips for beginners or new hikers. We will explain to you a few things that will make your hike more comfortable and keep you much safer.

These things are something that you don’t think about when you start your hike and you push yourself into a situation that you don’t want to be in.

There are certain things that you probably should do before you set out and these are very important. A lot of people actually don’t do these things but they’re very important to avoid an emergency and to have a better experience on your hike.

Here are some best hiking tips for new hikers looking to start their hiking journey.

Best Hiking Tips For Hikers

1. Inform someone where you are going

Inform someone where you are going, Best Hiking Tips For Hikers: Hiking For Beginners

This is especially true for solo hikers. You should always tell a friend where you are going, what your plan is, and where you will end up for the night.

If are going for a day hike, you should let someone know that you are planning to do a day hike. They will know where you are planning to hike and if you don’t return then at least someone knows where you are.

If you have a housemate then you could just leave a note or send a text to your friends so it will give you that extra sense of security. If you get lost then someone knows where to look for you.

2. Research the conditions of your hike

Research the conditions of your hike, Best Hiking Tips For Hikers: Hiking For Beginners

Prepare yourself for any conditions on a trail. This goes especially for long-distance hikers or multi-day hikers. When you set up a hike for a couple of days or more you need to be prepared. So with the conditions, we mean the weather, the environments, and also the terrain.

For example, you might be hiking in the desert so you need to know what to expect when you go hiking in the desert and you need to plan accordingly. If you are going to encounter some river crossings you need to know what not to do and what best to do in this certain situation.

You need to know how to react when certain symptoms start to show when you are hiking to high altitude place. Bear in mind that every hike can have treacherous conditions and the more you prepared the safer you are.

3. Carry the essential items

Carry the essential items, Best Hiking Tips For Hikers: Hiking For Beginners

In case something happens that was not in your plans and you have to stay longer on the trek or even overnight, then you should be prepared to tackle such situations.

You should carry essentials like a torch, a knife, a first aid kit, extra food, and extra clothes as well. Carry a matchbox or lighter to start a fire if required. Carry a sanitizer in case there is excess wind and you are not able to start the fire normally.

Also, carry an extra water bottle for hydration. It is advisable to carry a tent in case you are forced to stay overnight. This is perhaps one of the best hiking tips for hikers.

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4. Start small and choose the right trek for yourself

Start small and choose the right trek for yourself, Best Hiking Tips For Hikers: Hiking For Beginners

By small we mean, choose a small trek that is suitable for you. If you are a beginner don’t go for the difficult or the strenuous multi-day backpacking trek. If you directly attempt such treks you will feel the pain and lose motivation to do hiking in the future.

Start with a small trek of easy to moderate difficulty level. Doing 2-3 such treks will boost your confidence and you will gain much-needed experience for multiday trips.

You should typically choose a trek shorter than the distance you can generally walk.

5. Keep yourself aware of the local widlife

Keep yourself aware of the local widlife

We think personally you should be well prepared to deal with anything. Research about the wildlife that you can encounter on the hike. This is that one tip among all hiking tips for hikers that will you keep you alive😜

In case you encounter any wild animal just step back slowly. Don’t start running, as animals won’t attack you unless you are a threat to them.

If you’re going to the US, you should know how to deal with rattlesnakes, how to deal with an encounter with a bear or a mountain lion.

In brief, you need to know about the wildlife of the area you are going to, what you can encounter and how to deal with it.

6. Check the weather right before leaving

Check the weather right before leaving

Check the weather a day before you are planning to hike. This will give an idea about what all to carry to your hike.

If you are mountains, the conditions change very quickly so it is suggested to keep a rain jacket with you. If you find the weather to be really bad, you can postpone the hike to another day.

Checking the weather beforehand also gives you an idea about what type of clothing to wear for the hike.

7. Keep navigation tools handy

Keep navigation tools handy, Best Hiking Tips For Hikers: Hiking For Beginners

Make sure you have a map of the trails and a compass handy. You can also download a GPX file of the location. A GPX file is basically a data file that shows you all the GPS coordinates of your route.

You can then use that on the GPS apps on your phone. Then when you press the GPS button it will show exactly where you are on the route.

Most of the routes that you can find on the internet will also have a GPX file. You can just download it, put it on your phone, and then you can also use a GPX file offline. You can refer to this article to learn how to use the GPX file.

Before you set off, you need to know where you’re going and you need to have navigation, you need to have a map, so you need to know the routes.

Hiking For Beginners

Hiking is not escapism; it’s realism. The people who choose to spend time outdoors are not running away from anything; we are returning to where we belong.”

– Jennifer Pharr Davis, a hiker from the USA

These are the few best hiking tips for hikers that you need to know before you set off on a hike. We hope you enjoyed reading this little piece. You can also check out other insightful blogs on traveling tips and places on our website. Happy Travelling!

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