7 Best Things To Do In Pismo Beach [Unique Experiences]

Pismo Beach is a coastal city on the California Coastal belt. Most people come to Pismo Beach during the summer season. It is one of the best places to unwind and take deep breaths and set yourself up for a much more relaxing holiday season. If you plan on visiting Pismo beach in the future or San Luis Obispo(10 minutes away) then these are some of the things to do while at Pismo Beach.

7 Best Things To Do In Pismo Beach

1. A visit to Monarch Butterfly Grove

A visit to Monarch Butterfly Grove [Things to do in Pismo Beach]

Monarch Butterfly Grove might sound a little bit unusual for the beach but it’s a really cool place to visit. Monarch Butterfly Grove apparently has thousands of butterflies that are migrating from the Rockies to here for warmer winter.

This is quite a small space and at first but as you get closer you can see thousands of butterflies that are just sleeping on trees. They stay abroad from November to February. Their numbers vary, year to year, from ten thousand to hundreds of thousands.

Many of these butterflies who do migrate fail to complete the migration. Butterflies come here when it’s warm because they love flying in the sun and they are actually cold-blooded.

In sunny California winter, these butterflies with their vibrant colors stand out like little jewels and bring us joy and that’s California wildlife.

2. Driving a car at the Pismo Beach

Driving a car at the Pismo Beach

Pismo beach is one of those rare beaches where you can actually drive your car on the beach. It will be one of the most unique experiences to take away from Pismo Beach. It is highly recommended to drive your car on this beautiful beach during your visit to California.

Now, we all know California really taxes us to death but at the same time it gives you these amazing state parks and they’re all so different and unique. If you have a car which is preferable and most driven here, you will love your time here.

But if you don’t have it, a two-wheel drive is okay when the tide is low during the evening. If the tide is high then you have to drive more away from the shore and there the sand is definitely much softer and you may get stuck in the sand and it’s not pretty when they’re pulling you out of your car.

3. A visit to Morro Bay

A visit to Morro Bay

About 20 miles north of Pismo beach, there is Morro bay and it is very well known for Morro rock which is a pretty giant ancient volcanic mound. People love kayaking around it but there is one beautiful place that is not very well known Elephant forest and it’s absolutely incredible.

There is a mile-long boardwalk loop which really helps you to get through the entire Elephant forest and see everything and there’s also a bird sanctuary and it is absolutely incredible. Amongst this kind of grayish tree, you suddenly see bright bluebirds and the color palette here is just absolutely incredible. We all have to agree that mother nature is a masterful designer.

Morro Bay is like a giant blob that grew in a random place and just can’t be moved or removed. The town of Morro Bay is really neat and has tons of shops and restaurants and of course, they’re very famous for their California Sea Otters and including the sea otters babies.

Sea Otters spend their time floating on the back enjoying the sun all day long. The benefits of having a kayak or renting a kayak are that you can come around sea otters and kind of hang out with them and that’s definitely something you guys can do.

4. Visit the Downtown San Luis Obispo

Visit the Downtown San Luis Obispo [Things to do in Pismo Beach]

One place which is definitely recommended to visit is the downtown San Luis Obispo. It is a 10-minute drive from Pismo beach so it’s not that far.

San Luis Obispo has so many different outside stores like Ross, Sephora, Bath and Body by Victoria’s Secret, etc. It feels like you are in a mall. Apparently, all these stores are situated across the street next to each other.

In case you are hungry and wanna grab a bite, the downtown also has some cafes and icecreams outlets at your service.

5. Bubblegum Alley

Bubblegum Alley [Things to do in Pismo Beach]

Bubblegum Alley is one of the most unique places you will ever see. It is a 70 feet alley and is literally covered with bubblegum on walls on both sides.

You will also find pictures, notes, letters, messages from the tourists as well along with bubblegum. It really won’t take that long to get through it. It is the same as the one in Seattle but this one is a little bit smaller.

It’s like a great place for tourists to kind of explore, take some pictures or blow a bubble. You will also find some good food and shopping places near the alley.

6. Visit Dinosaur Caves Park and Margo Dodd Park

Visit Dinosaur Caves Park and Margo Dodd Park [Things To Do In Pismo Beach]

Dinosaur Caves Park and the Margo Dodd park can be visited together because they’re next door. Dinosaur Caves Park is so beautiful, you get a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean there.

There is a walking path at the Dinosaur Caves Park where you can stroll and enjoy the amazing views of the ocean.

Visit Dinosaur Caves Park and Margo Dodd Park [Things To Do In Pismo Beach]

Margo Dodd Park has access to the beach and some amazing ocean views. There are stairs using which you can go down and there’s like a beach where you can search for seashells and sea glasses. You can just take a picture of the scenic route if you wanna skip going down.

If you are someone who loves to take click beautiful pictures then this is the place for you.

7. A walk at Pismo Beach

A walk at Pismo Beach [Things to do in Pismo Beach]

Pismo Beach, the actual beach is absolutely incredible for taking winter walks, for collecting shells, for taking deep breaths and counting your blessings, being thankful for your health. Pismo Beach offers you the majestic view of the Pacific coast of Southern California.

You can take some amazing pictures with your loved ones and cherish them for the rest of your life. If you are not a fan of the crowd and loves quiet places, then you can head over to Avila Beach.

Avila Beach is 10 miles from Pismo Beach. It is less crowded and has different shops, different eateries places and then there’s the beach and there’s like a little mini pier.

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